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I invite you to click on the blog image to the right and peruse my blog: “With Dogs I Write.”

The blog is a three-year montage of reflections and insights pertaining to…

• The world of marketing and social media

• Skincare technologies and ingredient trends

• Beauty industry news and headlines

• Team building strategies and leadership philosophies


• Updates on beauty, fashion and luxury brands that I love!
The name of the blog was inspired by my three adorable 4-legged loving companions, who keep me entertained and sane as I blog away on my creative rants. I have no doubt that their collective calming influence has helped me get through many a ‘blogger’s block.’

In return, I am dedicating this blog to them, and wish to thank them for the profound joy and love that they (Ricky, Romeo and Mathilda Mae) --- have brought to my life.

To my cherished ‘little monkeys!’

May they each live another 15 years!

Judith Sikora
February 2012